Fatema Ahmad

Muna Al Bader

Muna Khalid Al Bader

In this interview, we talked to Muna Khalid Al Bader, an artist, an IT engineer, the Ambassador of Qatari Art to UNESCO, and the woman who speaks in blue.

Dr. Dena Ahmed Al Thani

Sheikha Dr. Dena Ahmed Al Thani

Qatar is flourishing with women in academia and prolific researchers who publish in highly respectable journals. One of them is Dr. Dena Ahmed Al Thani, an Assistant Professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) who strongly advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities and works to create more inclusive technology.

Fatma Mohammed Al-Shebani

Fatma Mohammed Al-Shebani

We spoke with Fatema Mohammed Al Shebani, a unique artist who shared her journey as a woman who defied the reality of her time and even had a solo exhibition in Palestine.

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti, has been active in preserving the environment seeking to sustain and protect the wild plants and all the other living elements that constitute the wildlife in Qatar. Her efforts saved many endangered Qatari plants by increasing their numbers and spreading awareness. Also, she has been active in documenting Qatar’s culture and social history.

Afaf Abdi Alqorane

Afaf Abdi Alqorane, the brave woman who resisted the limits imposed on her by society. She became the first woman in Qatar to practice Olympic boxing professionally, thus paving the way for more women in Qatar who would like boxing to pursue this field.

Shams Al Qassabi

Once upon a time, Shams Al Qassabi was a little girl who would stand behind her home’s door and sell the flowers that she made from fabric. But today, she has opened her restaurant’s door at Souq Waqif, and in this interview, she shares with us her story of success as the first Qatari woman to start a business in Souq Waqif.