بثينة الخليفي

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi has taken it upon herself to facilitate gardening for others by sharing her gardening experiences in Qatar. This does not only encourage others to garden, but also by doing so, she practices the profession she loves, which is teaching

Aisha Saleh Al Maaded

Aisha Saleh Al Maaded

The local environment can only thrive with the help of the local society, so the state is witnessing an increased number of environmental initiatives to spread awareness and support sustainability. One of those initiatives is Greener Future, and in this interview, we talked to Aisha Saleh Al Maaded, the founder of the initiative, and she told us her story as an environmental activist.

Najlaa Saeed Al Kuwari

Najlaa Saeed Al Kuwari is working hard to change this unfavorable perspective of motherhood by spreading awareness about it. She also backs up her advice with science in the hope of breaking the ongoing cycle of negative views and experiences related to motherhood.

Kaltham Al-Mutawa

Kaltham Al Mutawa

There are some non-mainstream sports that Qatari women have not explored yet. In addition to that, many of the current team sports suffer from a low number of players. One of these sports is taekwondo. In this interview, we will highlight Kaltham Mubarak Al Mutawa’s journey to being Qatar’s taekwondo champion.

Amal Saleh

Amal Mohammed Saleh

In this interview, we tell the story of Amal Mohamed, a courageous young woman who entered a field that no other Qatari woman had entered before by becoming the first Qatari woman to get certified by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to become a referee. With her achievements, she hopes to open the door for more Qatari women to explore the field of basketball and become a part of it.

Buthaina Mohammed Al Janahi

Buthaina Mohammed Al Janahi

Buthaina Mohammed Al Janahi has proven that one can achieve this goal by being determined and persistent. Through her distinguished experience, Buthainais slowly changing the Qatari cultural scene.