Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi

Today, we learn the story of Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi, whose name is always mentioned in Qatari homes as she is a chef who specialized in local and international cuisines, and whose professional knowledge is so vast that she authored seven recipe books. Moreover, she is a wife, a mother, and the victorious heroine who challenged breast cancer.

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti, has been active in preserving the environment seeking to sustain and protect the wild plants and all the other living elements that constitute the wildlife in Qatar. Her efforts saved many endangered Qatari plants by increasing their numbers and spreading awareness. Also, she has been active in documenting Qatar’s culture and social history.

Afaf Abdi Alqorane

Afaf Abdi Alqorane, the brave woman who resisted the limits imposed on her by society. She became the first woman in Qatar to practice Olympic boxing professionally, thus paving the way for more women in Qatar who would like boxing to pursue this field.

Noora Saeed Al-Kuwari

Noora Saeed Al Kuwari

Life coaching presents itself as a helpful tool that identifies one’s strengths and potential, recognizing that the potential power comes from within as part of one’s pursuits to achieve satisfaction and happiness. Many amazing Qatari women have entered this field, and among these women is Noora Saeed Al-Kuwari, who has distinguished herself as a leader and a great role model.

Sheikha Dr. Asma Ali Al Thani

Dr. Asma is the founding Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Qatar University, Director of the Biomedical Research Center, and Vice Chairperson of the Qatar Biobank Board of Trustees.