Muna Al Bader

Muna Khalid Al Bader

In this interview, we talked to Muna Khalid Al Bader, an artist, an IT engineer, the Ambassador of Qatari Art to UNESCO, and the woman who speaks in blue.

Lolwa Hussein Al Marri

Lolwa Hussein Al Marri

In this interview, we talk to Lolwa Hussein Al Marri, the President of Qatar Women’s Sports Committee, who plays a major role in supporting and developing women’s sports in Qatar.

Mariam Farid

Mariam Farid

The representation of Qatari women in sports remains behind the representation of men. Thus, Qatari female athletes have taken it upon themselves to change this narrative challenging the stereotypes in society regarding women’s sports. One of these brave women is the rising runner Mariam Farid, who proved through her achievements that Qatari Muslim women could wear the hijab, participate in sports, and excel.

Shaikha Ali Al Marri

In this interview, we highlight the current youngest member of the Youth Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Committee aims to encourage discussion around culture, sports, and youth.

Ahlam Al-Mana

Ahlam Salem Al-Mana

Ahlam is the former President of the Women’s Committee, and a Health and Safety Consultant at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Shehas played a major role in the development of women’s sports in the State of Qatar, including the success of its national teams in championships worldwide.