Dr. Reem Al-Ansari

Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari

At a very young age, Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari took her first steps in the field of Law. However, according to her, that was not a hurdle. If anything, she never viewed the challenges she faced as hurdles, but rather a natural part of any journey

Fatma Mohammed Al-Shebani

Fatma Mohammed Al-Shebani

We spoke with Fatema Mohammed Al Shebani, a unique artist who shared her journey as a woman who defied the reality of her time and even had a solo exhibition in Palestine.

Dr. Latifa Ali Al-Darwish

Dr. Latifa Ali Al Darwish

One of Qatar’s pioneering entrepreneurs is Dr. Latifa Ali Al-Darwish, who through her long and valuable experience has improved the features of the Qatari market for the better.