Maha Abdulridha Falamarzi

we talk to Maha Abdulridha Falamarzi, a table tennis player for the Qatar national team, an electrical engineer, and the owner of multiple businesses. While she started her journey in sports as merely a hobby, she continues in it as a professional player participating in international tournaments.

Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari

Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari

Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari dreamed of establishing a Qatari publishing house that would nurture Qatari writers and enrich Qatari literature. In this interview, she tells us about her long experience in contributing to Qatar’s literature.

Dr. Amal Mohammed Al-Malki

Dr. Amal Mohammed Al Malki

Although the number of Qatari students conducting their studies in Qatar Foundation is quite large, their presence facilitating education in these universities is almost non-existent. As the first Qatari professor, and later dean, in Qatar Foundation Dr. Amal Mohammed Al-Malki is slowly reshaping the educational scene to be more inclusive.

Aisha Hammam

Aisha Hammam Mubarak

Aisha Hammam Mubarak managed to change nursing in Qatar through her distinguished contributions, where she became a nurse at a time becoming a nurse was not an easy matter.

Maryam Abdulatif Al-Naemi

A Carnegie Mellon graduate who has dedicated a great portion of her time and efforts into improving her community managing to be active in her academic life as an Information Systems student and her extracurricular activities.