Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani

Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani

In 2021 the Qatari shooting team participated in ISSF World Cup that was held in New Delhi, India. The competitions were challenging, but the national team was able to win the bronze medal in skeet thanks to the duo, Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani, and Rashed Saleh. In this interview, we talk to Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani. She tells us about her love for sports and her journey as a shooter.

Noor Abdullah Al-Maliki Al-Jahni

Noor Abdullah Al Malki Al Jehani

Social changes were driven by people who worked relentlessly to highlight sensitive issues that were rarely discussed before. Noor Abdullah Al-Maliki Al-Juhani is one of those people who pushed society to change. She has contributed significantly in highlighting women and some of the problems they may face.

Amal Al-Aathem

Amal Abdullah Al Aathem

Amal Abdulla Al-Aathem is one of the Qatari female artists who contributed to developing and enhancing awareness in this field and changing the Qatari world of art for the better. Her role in the Qatari art community is not limited to local participation; she has a special presence in international exhibitions, where she represents Qatar.

Asma Abdul-Latif Al Kuwari

Asma Abdul-Latif Al-Kuwari has set out to reshape the reading and writing scene in Qatar. Her journey in elevating the Qatari story is one to behold, so let’s get to know more about her work and her contribution to society.

Dr. Sharifa Nu’man Al Emadi

The layers of sociology as a profession vary from the level of the individual, to the marital and familial sphere, and finally to the international sphere. Let us meet one of the Qatari specialists in this field: Dr. Sharifa Al Emadi, Executive Director at Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) in Qatar Foundation.

Maryam Mohammed Al Noaimi

Let us learn about one of the leading Qatari women who contributed to education and played a prominent role in it.