Past Contributors

Fatima Al-Naimi

Fatima Al Naimi was one of the writers for the website. She is an avid bibliophile and a devoted International Affairs student at Georgetown University. Fatima has found great inspiration and strength in the female role models who she has encountered in her personal and academic life, and this made her grow incredibly passionate about Women of Qatar’s cause.  She is interested in not only highlighting the achievements of inspiring Qatari women, but also in contributing to the rise of influential Qatari women of the future. 

Al Anoud Al Kuwari

Al Anoud Al Kuwari was one of the writers for the website. She is an aspiring Georgetown graduate that majored in International Politics. She has always been an active member of society taking on many projects, such as participating in the national debate team, organizing charitable events, and raising awareness on humanitarian issues as a youth advocate for Education Above All. Through highlighting the works of Qatari women, she hopes to expand her own personal vision and outlook on life.

Lolwa Al Saigh

Throughout the course of her work at Women of Qatar, Lolwa Al Saigh has taken many roles. She is a Georgetown graduate that majored in Culture and Politics. She is currently working in Education Above All and hopes to create positive long-term changes locally and globally. She is fueled by her passion towards learning about the journey and achievements of Qatari women and their undeniable contribution to the community. She is interested in preserving their story and ensuring that their history is recorded.

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