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Abeer Buhelaiqa

In this interview, we talked to the Qatari engineer Abeer Hassan Buhelaiqa, who dreamt of creating a better environment for Qatar's female engineers. She acted and brought that dream to life.

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Aisha Saleh Al Maaded

Aisha Saleh Al Maaded

The local environment can only thrive with the help of the local society, so the state is witnessing an increased number of environmental initiatives to spread awareness and support sustainability. One of those initiatives is Greener Future, and in this interview, we talked to Aisha Saleh Al Maaded, the founder of the initiative, and she told us her story as an environmental activist.

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Muna Al Bader

Muna Khalid Al Bader

In this interview, we talked to Muna Khalid Al Bader, an artist, an IT engineer, the Ambassador of Qatari Art to UNESCO, and the woman who speaks in blue.

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Amal Ahmad Al-Muftah

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