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We highlight the many achievements of Qatari women by narrating the stories of pioneering Qatari women.

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بثينة الخليفي

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi has taken it upon herself to facilitate gardening for others by sharing her gardening experiences in Qatar. This does not only encourage others to garden, but also by doing so, she practices the profession she loves, which is teaching

Aisha Mohammed Al Moftah

Aisha Mohammed Al Moftah has made it easier for women to travel and explore the world by organizing female only trips that provides women with better travel experiences.

Dr. Reem Al-Ansari

Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari

At a very young age, Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari took her first steps in the field of Law. However, according to her, that was not a hurdle. If anything, she never viewed the challenges she faced as hurdles, but rather a natural part of any journey

Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi

Today, we learn the story of Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi, whose name is always mentioned in Qatari homes as she is a chef who specialized in local and international cuisines, and whose professional knowledge is so vast that she authored seven recipe books. Moreover, she is a wife, a mother, and the victorious heroine who challenged breast cancer.

Quote of the Month

When I opened my own office, I was introduced to a new challenge which is self-realization and gaining clients’ trust, especially men.

It has been sometimes difficult to persuade a male client to give his case to a female lawyer, but thanks to persistence and perseverance,

I was able to gain the trust of my clients, change this view and excel in my work.

Mona Yousef Al Muttawa


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In this interview, we talked to the Qatari engineer Abeer Hassan Buhelaiqa, who dreamt of creating a better environment for Qatar's female engineers. She acted and brought that dream to life.

Mona Yousef Al-Muttawa is one of those women who contributed to the field of law, as she entered the world of law at a time where Qatari women were mostly absent from it. With her persistence and perseverance, she was able to introduce herself as a Qatari lawyer with experience in the legal field.

Qatari architect Fatma Ibrahim Al Sehlawi seeks to change this reality. Through conducting architectural research and collecting rare architect books, she was able to create a cultural platform to explore this rich world in Atlas Bookstore.

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