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We highlight the many achievements of Qatari women by narrating the stories of pioneering Qatari women.

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بثينة الخليفي

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi

Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi has taken it upon herself to facilitate gardening for others by sharing her gardening experiences in Qatar. This does not only encourage others to garden, but also by doing so, she practices the profession she loves, which is teaching

Aisha Mohammed Al Moftah

Aisha Mohammed Al Moftah has made it easier for women to travel and explore the world by organizing female only trips that provides women with better travel experiences.

Dr. Reem Al-Ansari

Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari

At a very young age, Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari took her first steps in the field of Law. However, according to her, that was not a hurdle. If anything, she never viewed the challenges she faced as hurdles, but rather a natural part of any journey

Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi

Today, we learn the story of Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi, whose name is always mentioned in Qatari homes as she is a chef who specialized in local and international cuisines, and whose professional knowledge is so vast that she authored seven recipe books. Moreover, she is a wife, a mother, and the victorious heroine who challenged breast cancer.

Quote of the Month

Contrary to the common belief that retirement is the end of giving, I think of it as a crucial stage in life.

It is the stage where you feel you have given everything you can through jobs, and now it is the time to find another way to give to the community.

Retirement does not mark the end of the journey; it is a door to many more opportunities to give back

Noor Abdullah

Al Malki Al Jehani

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Shams Al Qassabi

Once upon a time, Shams Al Qassabi was a little girl who would stand behind her home’s door and sell the flowers that she made from fabric. But today, she has opened her restaurant’s door at Souq Waqif, and in this interview, she shares with us her story of success...

Dr. Eman Mohammed A Naama

One of the scientific subjects that still pose exciting questions to its explorers is chemistry, an area that was led by the Qatari pioneer Dr. Eiman Mohammed Al-Naama.

Dr. Sara Buhmaid

Dr. Sara Abdullah Buhmaid

Some would even go as far as to say that the medical field was not made for women, due to the study and workload it commands. Such convictions have not stopped women from excelling in this field, and the number of women enrolling in this field has only increased over...

Amal Dahawi Al-Shammri

Amal Dahawi Al Shammri has played many roles, from working in the petroleum field to founding Embrace Doha. She has managed to present a new project to the market whilst progressing in her career at the same time. As a woman with insightful experience, we felt it was important to...

Dr. Kaltham Ali Al-Ghanim

Dr. Kaltham is a researcher who has helped preserve Qatar’s history and has contributed to creating positive change in society via her findings, research, and studies.

Amal Ahmad Al-Muftah

Amal Ahmad Al-Muftah

Amal is one of the youngest filmmakers in Qatar. She was only 18 years old when she directed her first documentary.

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