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Latifa Khalid Al Thani

Latifa Khalid Al Thani

Today Qatari women are breaking barriers, swimming against the tide, and walking the paths that no one before them had explored. They do so to create new opportunities for others, especially for women. In this interview, we talk to Latifa Khalid Al Thani, the first Qatari to work at Microsoft. She tells us what it is like to be a young woman working in a global company.

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Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani

Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani

In 2021 the Qatari shooting team participated in ISSF World Cup that was held in New Delhi, India. The competitions were challenging, but the national team was able to win the bronze medal in skeet thanks to the duo, Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani, and Rashed Saleh. In this interview, we talk to Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani. She tells us about her love for sports and her journey as a shooter.

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Abeer Buhelaiqa

In this interview, we talked to the Qatari engineer Abeer Hassan Buhelaiqa, who dreamt of creating a better environment for Qatar's female engineers. She acted and brought that dream to life.

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Quote of the Month

I do not wait for any recognition or reward, because I have a degree of appreciation for myself and I often evaluate and reflect on my own work. As a result, I do not need praise or scorn, as they do not often apply to my personal judgment of my work and accomplishments. In order to not to be misunderstood, what I mean is that many of the work I do others might see it as praiseworthy and perfect while I know that there are shortcomings in it. So, I do not accept praise over what is not well executed because I know it could have been better

Fatima Rabeah Al Kuwari

A teacher of Arabic and a passionate educator

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We highlight the many achievements of Qatari women by narrating the stories of pioneering Qatari women.

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Maryam Ahmed Al-Bishri

Maryam is a petroleum engineer and the chair of Women in Energy in Society of Petroleum Engineers, and she aspires to inspire the next generation of female engineers.

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Fatima Rabeea Al Kuwari

Fatima is an Arabic language teacher and coordinator in several schools. Through her teachings, she hopes to contribute to elevating education in Qatar.

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Dr. Eiman Mohammad Mustafawi

Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, who through her work has added dimension to our understanding of linguistics, particularly the linguistic picture in Qatar and the different dialects and languages that exist here.

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