Buthaina Abdullah Al-Khulaifi has taken it upon herself to facilitate gardening for others by sharing her gardening experiences in Qatar. This does not only encourage others to garden, but also by doing so, she practices the profession she loves, which is teaching

Aisha Mohammed Al Moftah has made it easier for women to travel and explore the world by organizing female only trips that provides women with better travel experiences.

At a very young age, Dr. Reem Ali Al-Ansari took her first steps in the field of Law. However, according to her, that was not a hurdle. If anything, she never viewed the challenges she faced as hurdles, but rather a natural part of any journey

Today, we learn the story of Aisha Mohammad Al Tamimi, whose name is always mentioned in Qatari homes as she is a chef who specialized in local and international cuisines, and whose professional knowledge is so vast that she authored seven recipe books. Moreover, she is a wife, a mother, and the victorious heroine who challenged breast cancer.

Today Qatari women are breaking barriers, swimming against the tide, and walking the paths that no one before them had explored. They do so to create new opportunities for others, especially for women. In this interview, we talk to Latifa Khalid Al Thani, the first Qatari to work at Microsoft. She tells us what it is like to be a young woman working in a global company.

In 2021 the Qatari shooting team participated in ISSF World Cup that was held in New Delhi, India. The competitions were challenging, but the national team was able to win the bronze medal in skeet thanks to the duo, Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani, and Rashed Saleh. In this interview, we talk to Reem Ghanem Al Sharshani. She tells us about her love for sports and her journey as a shooter.

In this interview, we talked to the Qatari engineer Abeer Hassan Buhelaiqa, who dreamt of creating a better environment for Qatar's female engineers. She acted and brought that dream to life.

The local environment can only thrive with the help of the local society, so the state is witnessing an increased number of environmental initiatives to spread awareness and support sustainability. One of those initiatives is Greener Future, and in this interview, we talked to Aisha Saleh Al Maaded, the founder of the initiative, and she told us her story as an environmental activist.

In this interview, we talked to Muna Khalid Al Bader, an artist, an IT engineer, the Ambassador of Qatari Art to UNESCO, and the woman who speaks in blue.

Qatar is flourishing with women in academia and prolific researchers who publish in highly respectable journals. One of them is Dr. Dena Ahmed Al Thani, an Assistant Professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) who strongly advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities and works to create more inclusive technology.

We spoke with Fatema Mohammed Al Shebani, a unique artist who shared her journey as a woman who defied the reality of her time and even had a solo exhibition in Palestine.

Dhabya Abdullah Mohammed Al Sulaiti, has been active in preserving the environment seeking to sustain and protect the wild plants and all the other living elements that constitute the wildlife in Qatar. Her efforts saved many endangered Qatari plants by increasing their numbers and spreading awareness. Also, she has been active in documenting Qatar’s culture and social history.

Afaf Abdi Alqorane, the brave woman who resisted the limits imposed on her by society. She became the first woman in Qatar to practice Olympic boxing professionally, thus paving the way for more women in Qatar who would like boxing to pursue this field.

Once upon a time, Shams Al Qassabi was a little girl who would stand behind her home’s door and sell the flowers that she made from fabric. But today, she has opened her restaurant’s door at Souq Waqif, and in this interview, she shares with us her story of success as the first Qatari woman to start a business in Souq Waqif.

we talk to Maha Abdulridha Falamarzi, a table tennis player for the Qatar national team, an electrical engineer, and the owner of multiple businesses. While she started her journey in sports as merely a hobby, she continues in it as a professional player participating in international tournaments.

Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari dreamed of establishing a Qatari publishing house that would nurture Qatari writers and enrich Qatari literature. In this interview, she tells us about her long experience in contributing to Qatar's literature.

Social changes were driven by people who worked relentlessly to highlight sensitive issues that were rarely discussed before. Noor Abdullah Al-Maliki Al-Juhani is one of those people who pushed society to change. She has contributed significantly in highlighting women and some of the problems they may face.

Najlaa Saeed Al Kuwari is working hard to change this unfavorable perspective of motherhood by spreading awareness about it. She also backs up her advice with science in the hope of breaking the ongoing cycle of negative views and experiences related to motherhood.

There are some non-mainstream sports that Qatari women have not explored yet. In addition to that, many of the current team sports suffer from a low number of players. One of these sports is taekwondo. In this interview, we will highlight Kaltham Mubarak Al Mutawa's journey to being Qatar's taekwondo champion.

In this interview, we tell the story of Amal Mohamed, a courageous young woman who entered a field that no other Qatari woman had entered before by becoming the first Qatari woman to get certified by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to become a referee. With her achievements, she hopes to open the door for more Qatari women to explore the field of basketball and become a part of it.

In this interview, we talk to Lolwa Hussein Al Marri, the President of Qatar Women's Sports Committee, who plays a major role in supporting and developing women's sports in Qatar.

The representation of Qatari women in sports remains behind the representation of men. Thus, Qatari female athletes have taken it upon themselves to change this narrative challenging the stereotypes in society regarding women’s sports. One of these brave women is the rising runner Mariam Farid, who proved through her achievements that Qatari Muslim women could wear the hijab, participate in sports, and excel.

In this interview, we highlight the current youngest member of the Youth Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Committee aims to encourage discussion around culture, sports, and youth.

Although food is indispensable, it is strange that some perceive a culinary career to be of lower status. This widespread view might make it challenging to pursue a career as a chef. Challenging this norm, Chef Noor Ahmed Al Mazroei emerged as a Qatari chef utilizing the art of cooking to create healthy dishes that suit a wide range of dietary needs.

In Qatar, life coaching is still relatively foreign to many people. Even though it is a less-ventured track, Asma Al-Kuwari pursued this field, transforming it to suit the Qatari society’s needs.

One of the artistic mediums, music, remains in dire need of attention and support. The number of Qataris leading in this field is quite limited, and the number of institutions that support music is even smaller. Hala Ismaeel Al-Emadi has set out to change this reality to highlight Qatari talent in this beautiful field.

One of Qatar’s pioneering entrepreneurs is Dr. Latifa Ali Al-Darwish, who through her long and valuable experience has improved the features of the Qatari market for the better.

Life coaching presents itself as a helpful tool that identifies one’s strengths and potential, recognizing that the potential power comes from within as part of one’s pursuits to achieve satisfaction and happiness. Many amazing Qatari women have entered this field, and among these women is Noora Saeed Al-Kuwari, who has distinguished herself as a leader and a great role model.

One of the scientific subjects that still pose exciting questions to its explorers is chemistry, an area that was led by the Qatari pioneer Dr. Eiman Mohammed Al-Naama.

Some would even go as far as to say that the medical field was not made for women, due to the study and workload it commands. Such convictions have not stopped women from excelling in this field, and the number of women enrolling in this field has only increased over the past few years. Dr. Sara Buhmaid is one of the Qatari pioneers in this field, whose dedication and hard work prove to young girls everywhere that they can flourish in the medical field as well.

Although the number of Qatari students conducting their studies in Qatar Foundation is quite large, their presence facilitating education in these universities is almost non-existent. As the first Qatari professor, and later dean, in Qatar Foundation Dr. Amal Mohammed Al-Malki is slowly reshaping the educational scene to be more inclusive.

Aisha Hammam Mubarak managed to change nursing in Qatar through her distinguished contributions, where she became a nurse at a time becoming a nurse was not an easy matter.

Amal Abdulla Al-Aathem is one of the Qatari female artists who contributed to developing and enhancing awareness in this field and changing the Qatari world of art for the better. Her role in the Qatari art community is not limited to local participation; she has a special presence in international exhibitions, where she represents Qatar.

Asma Abdul-Latif Al-Kuwari has set out to reshape the reading and writing scene in Qatar. Her journey in elevating the Qatari story is one to behold, so let’s get to know more about her work and her contribution to society.

Mona Yousef Al-Muttawa is one of those women who contributed to the field of law, as she entered the world of law at a time where Qatari women were mostly absent from it. With her persistence and perseverance, she was able to introduce herself as a Qatari lawyer with experience in the legal field.

Buthaina Mohammed Al Janahi has proven that one can achieve this goal by being determined and persistent. Through her distinguished experience, Buthainais slowly changing the Qatari cultural scene.

In this interview, we shall get acquainted with Khulood Jawhar Al-Hamidi, a Qatari woman who realized her dream of becoming one of the first female pioneers in Qatari media.

Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, who through her work has added dimension to our understanding of linguistics, particularly the linguistic picture in Qatar and the different dialects and languages that exist here.

An important individual that allowed Al-Bayan to flourish is Hessa Al Abdullah, the former director of Al-Bayan Educational Complex for girls.

Professor Mariam Al-Ali Al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU), is one of the pioneers in the field of materials science, who has left an imprint through research and scientific achievements, hence bringing global acclaim for Qatar.

The layers of sociology as a profession vary from the level of the individual, to the marital and familial sphere, and finally to the international sphere. Let us meet one of the Qatari specialists in this field: Dr. Sharifa Al Emadi, Executive Director at Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) in Qatar Foundation.

Let us learn about one of the leading Qatari women who contributed to education and played a prominent role in it.

Qatari architect Fatma Ibrahim Al Sehlawi seeks to change this reality. Through conducting architectural research and collecting rare architect books, she was able to create a cultural platform to explore this rich world in Atlas Bookstore.

Aisha Mubarak Al-Khulaifi, who played the role of a mother, teacher, mentor and educator all at the same time to students. Through her dedication, she has left a significant imprint that can rarely occur again in history.

Currently an assistant professor at Qatar University. Her area of expertise is modern literature, with focus on comparative literature.

Ahlam is the former President of the Women's Committee, and a Health and Safety Consultant at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Shehas played a major role in the development of women's sports in the State of Qatar, including the success of its national teams in championships worldwide.

Al Jawhara is a School Culture Coordinator at Qatar Foundation who is extremely passionate about elevating Qatar’s education system for the better.

Lolwah has been one of the Qatari women who took a lead in defending our country by responding, as the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to many accusations made by neighboring countries during the blockade.

As the Dean of the College of Sharia at Qatar University, Dr. Aisha Yousef Al Mannai highlighted this aspect of Sharia and influenced many students because of her unique view of this subject. As the Dean of the College of Sharia at Qatar University, Dr. Aisha Yousef Al Mannai highlighted this aspect of Sharia and influenced many students because of her unique view of this subject.

Through her Instagram blog, My Nest, Fatma has raised a number of thoughtful topics for every woman and mother interested in pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr. Haya Al-Thani is a historian who research the Qatari history.

Dr. Hend was appointed in November 2018, as one of the first four women in the Shura Council.

Dr. Asma is the founding Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Qatar University, Director of the Biomedical Research Center, and Vice Chairperson of the Qatar Biobank Board of Trustees.

Fatima is an Arabic language teacher and coordinator in several schools. Through her teachings, she hopes to contribute to elevating education in Qatar.

Maryam is a petroleum engineer and the chair of Women in Energy in Society of Petroleum Engineers, and she aspires to inspire the next generation of female engineers.

Amal Dahawi Al Shammri has played many roles, from working in the petroleum field to founding Embrace Doha. She has managed to present a new project to the market whilst progressing in her career at the same time. As a woman with insightful experience, we felt it was important to share her story to inspire others.

Dr. Kaltham is a researcher who has helped preserve Qatar’s history and has contributed to creating positive change in society via her findings, research, and studies.

Amal is one of the youngest filmmakers in Qatar. She was only 18 years old when she directed her first documentary.

A Carnegie Mellon graduate who has dedicated a great portion of her time and efforts into improving her community managing to be active in her academic life as an Information Systems student and her extracurricular activities.